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Why Pugpop? That's been my handle for the past twenty years. It comes from fostering pugs for several years with the Mid-Michigan Pug Club & Rescue. The picture on the left is myself with my best friend Chewy who was a rescue that we were fostering. But he had other plans and decided to adopt us instead!


I'm a Senior Electrical Designer by trade, working in the Steel and glass industries in Pittsburgh designing manufacturing facilities. Before that I worked in my hometown of Detroit cutting my teeth in the car manufacturing world doing design work for automotive assembly plants.

The Fun Stuff

My photography goes back to the days when a photographer left the darkroom with fingers smelling like stop-bath and Blix and a preview was an 8x10 contact sheet. I often miss the old-school ways were the art of photography was more than moving a mouse around. I still mix up the chemicals and place them next to me while I'm "developing" pictures on my laptop just to get that old feeling.

It was when I learned about a technique called High Dynamic Range (HDR) that rekindled my passion for photography. At this point I wasn't too impressed with digital photography, most of what I saw were photos that didn't have the range film offers. Now, just about all of my work is run through the tone-mapping processing of HDR.

Other interest besides Photography

Walking or hiking History Favorites Book - The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress by Robert Heinlein Movie - Apollo 13